Riverbend Maximum Security Institution
Nashville, Tennessee

About Starry Night: "Prison has taught me many things, one of these is the importance of the little things in life such as the stars in the night sky. When was the last time you drove out beyond the lights of the city just to see the stars? I hope you will take time to do that and to enjoy the other and the little things life has to offer."

About the second piece: "I work in the housing unit as part of a two-men maintenance crew. We do electric repairs. My supervisor, an outside maintenance worker, grabbed a hold of the live wire and was electrocuted. This in itself is not funny. What I found funny is that after avoiding death by electrocution his big concern was his glasses getting broken. Does it sound bizarre that a man, such as myself, sentenced to death by electrocution would work making electrical repairs? I still have a life and intend to enjoy it. That is the reason I draw, and paint – because I enjoy living."

- Harold Wayne Nichols

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Sentenced to death in May 1999 for the rape and murder of a 21 year old women.