G'dongalay Parlo Berry (b. 1976)
Riverbend Maximum Security Institution
Nashville, Tennessee

"In Two Faces, I thought about the recent killings of African-Americans by the police. Black children are at risk. Their chances to be killed or to end up in prison are very high. Whatever womb they come from, these kids are delivered directly to the correctional system. I drew a guard with blond hair and blue eyes. The other side of his face is dark because it represents death. Many of my drawings talk about innocence. In the painting In the Skies, this women symbolizes innocence. She is just wading into deep waters and very dark surroundings. In the sky, someone is looking down on her: will he protect innocence or harm her? It is for you to decide...I have a life but I haven’t lived it. I was incarcerated at 19 and I’m turning 40 in 2016."

- G'Dongalay Parlo Berry

As Member of the Gangster Disciples, Berry was convicted of a 1995 murder and a 1996 double homicide, execution style. The 1995 conviction was overturned after it appeared the main eyewitness was behind bars the day bars the crime was committed. This overturned case was also the basis for the hit country song Pretty Little Adriana by Vince Gill